Rogers 5G Rollout In Canada

Rogers has been busing rolling out 5G in Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa and soon be in Montreal. According to Industry Canada's Database, there are officially 88 5G sites in Vancouver, 141 in Toronto, 1 in Hamilton, and 4 in Ottawa. Zero in Montreal and Calgary currently.

The 5G that is being rolled out is not all that different than the 4G or LTE currently being used in the 2.5GHZ frequency range. This means we will easily be able to measure it. Ths new network may have slightly faster speed than 4G/LTE networks but is far from downloading movies in seconds and supporting self-driving cars.

5G Map Of Vancouver

5G Locations in Vancouver

5G Map Of Toronto
5G Locations in Vancouver

5G Map Of Ottawa
5G Locations in Vancouver
750 Reasons For Hope In Alberta
I found out that there are over 750 who signed a stop 5G appeal as of February 27, 2020. This includes 31 Alberta scientists, 4 Doctors, 12 Nurses, 21 Phycologists and Social workers, 6 Naturopathic Doctors / TCM Practitioners,  1 Chiro, 2 Dentists, 34 Pharmacists, 9 Builders, 2 Vets, 2 Bee Keepers, 212 Other Professionals, and 452 Citizens.  Looks like there are more like-minded people then I thought.

Check out the 5G Signatories infographic to see how many people in your city or town signed the 5G Appeal. There are more of us then you think.......


Upcoming EMF Aware Road Trips

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Edmonton Alberta (April 22-23, 2020): Click here to request an EMF Assessment  

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What I am reading or recently discovered on the web...

    1) Dr. Magda Havas 's Latest Video Talking About EHS and Light Flicker.
    2) I have now been including light flicker evaluation as part of my EMF Assessments lately. More on this in upcoming newsletters.
    3) It is really easy to disable your WiFi on your smart TV by unplugging the WiFi module. It is much easier and not as scary as it looks. Sure beats fiddling with all the settings in your TV that can change with software and firmware upgrades. This deals with the problem at a root-cause level.

Great EMF Primer For People Just Starting To Learn About EMFs
EMF 101: The Invisible Truth PodCast

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