EMF Conference 2019 Video Available

Seeing medical professionals and world-renown researchers educate doctors at this conference was amazing.

This conference lectures covered the latest clinical observations and scientific research on EMFs, policies and how people are educating politicians and policymakers on 5G and Wi-Fi in classrooms, along with practical steps for reducing exposure. I attended the lectures in person and purchased the videos because I thought it was so worthwhile. Now the videos of made at the conference are available for purchase.

The best EMF App
Most EMF apps for smartphones are nothing more than a glorified compass app measuring the deflection of a compass needle. This is a misleading as most people are looking to measure one of the 4 main types of human-made EMFs such as AC Electric fields, AC Magnetic Fields, Dirty Electricity and Wireless radiation. There are no apps that detect AC Electric Fields, AC Magnetic Fields, or Dirty Electricity because it would require additional sensing equipment not found in a smartphone.

But, when it comes to our wireless environment our smartphones are very good at detecting specific signals like Wi-Fi, Cellular, and Bluetooth. The Electrosmart App is no replacement for a good RF meter but it can help people identify Bluetooth and Wi-Fi sources in their home or workplace without purchasing a meter.

Sorry Apple users, there is not a version on the Apple Store as of yet. I will let you know if that changes.
Available in Calgary
I had the chance to measure the EMFs in this basement walkout rental where the EMFs were quite low if the owner made a few minor changes. I believe the owner has also recently performed mold tests that checked out as well. I thought I would include this in my newsletter just in case someone was looking for a space.

Owner can be contacted via email:

Upcoming EMF Aware Road Trips

No emf consultants near you? We make road trips to communities where there are 3-4 people who want to have an EMF assessment. To be put on your community waitlist please contact us here.

Edmonton Alberta (December 21 - 22, 2019): Full
Edmonton Alberta (January 11 - 12, 2020): Click here to request an EMF Assessment


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