Technology At Odds With Child Developement

Great read regarding screen time and effects on kids.
ntegrative Psychologist Dr. Victoria Dunkley, author of Reset Your Childs Brain: A 4 Week Plan to End Meltdowns, Raise Grades and Boost Social Skills by Reversing the Effects of Electronic Screen Time.  

Don't have time to read a book then browse her presentation here. Here are some of the Myths which Dr. Victoria Dunkley busts:

Myth: " It all depends on WHAT they’re doing…content matters! "
Truth: Total screen-time more important than type or content: "It’s the medium, not the message."

Myth: Computer time is better than TV.
Truth: Interactive screen-time is more dysregulating & addicting than passive (read social media, games, etc is worse than TV)

Myth: "Everything in moderation."
Truth: Not universal; some kids can’t handle any screen-time

Myth: The "Digital Divide"
Truth: Disadvantaged children at highest risk for problematic use

Myth: Computer skills need to be taught early to survive in today’s world.
Truth: computer skills are overemphasized in school – and are relatively easy to learn at any age

Myth: Educational technology is revolutionizing the way kids learn & saves schools money.
Truth: Using technology to teach is at best neutral – and may be harmful
*Devices in the classroom impair performance
*Schools with most computer use = lowest scores
*Kids with <30 min of screen-time daily = highest GPAs

Myth: New software can help kids learn to read
Truth: E-reading hinders literacy & comprehension

Myth: Devices in class helps students be more efficient
Truth: Handwriting beats laptop note-taking for recall, integration, & test
scores; laptops distract others.

Big Take Away: The nature of technology is at odds with the basic developmental needs of children!

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