5G Update

Is 5G here in Canada?

According to Industry Canada's database, OOKLA 5G Map and leading Telecom databases such as Loxcel, 5G has not arrived in Canada officially.

#1 Question I Get About 5G
Q: Yeah but Mitch, when I scan for available Wi-Fi connections do I see xxxxx-5G or something similar? Isn't that 5G?

A: The 5G you see when scanning for an available Wi-Fi connection stands for 5 GHz which is a band of Wi-Fi that has been around for 5+ years. This not a 5G (Fifth Generation) technology associated with microcells, self-driving cars, and downloading HD videos in seconds.  

CAN I ASK YOUR ADVISE? (Seriously I need your advice!)
I am putting together an email series on EMF Protection and would like your advice on when it comes to EMF Protection what is what your single biggest challenge, problem or frustration?

Seriously, I want to know so I make the email series relevant to you and the problems you are facing. Just click on the button below.  You might even find it therapeutic :)

Upcoming EMF Aware Road Trips

**Have one person interested in an EMF Assessment in Lethbridge on Sept. 26. Need one more assessment in the Area to make the trip a go. If you know of anyone who would be interested please have them
contact us here.

No emf consultants near you? We make road trips to communities where there are 3-4 people who want to have an EMF assessment. To be put on your communities waitlist please contact us here.

Edmonton Alberta (October 2019): Click here to request an EMF Assessment


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