There is a private EMF lecture coming this Friday that is now opened to the public hosted by the Hoffman Centre. This is a 4-hour deep-dive EMF lecture on wireless technology, electricity and your health. There will a limited number of people attending this seminar so it would be a great seminar to get all your EMF questions answered. If you are interested see the information below.

Private EMF Lecture Open to Public
Wireless Tech, Electricity and Your Health
June 14 , 2019 @ 1-5 PM

During this private event at The Hoffman Centre, you’ll learn:
  • How to unpack the messy science behind biological effects from wireless tech and electricity exposures.
  • Why children and pregnant women are more vulnerable to EMF exposures.
  • How these human-made EMFs interact with our body and the environment.
  • What the 3 guiding principals are to reduce your exposure.
  • Top low-EMF hacks to reduce EMF exposure from cell phone, laptops, and tablets.
  • 3 simple, no-cost steps to reducing your EMF exposure at night – drastically.
  • Trusted low-EMF devices and shielding technologies.
Included live demonstrations:
  • How much electricity couples on to you while you sleep?
  • Earthing best practices
  • Effects of wiring errors in your home
  • Exposure From WiFi and Cordless Phones
  • Exposures From CFL lights

EMF Aware, 5615 Lakeview Drive SW, Calgary, Alberta T3E5S5, Canada

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