When Change Hits Us

So the kids are at home full time now and many of us are working from home. These are life-changing moments that force us to adapt and create new routines.

The resources in this newsletter are meant to help those who might want to take stock of their EMF environment or possibly take a deeper dive into learning more about EMFs/

But for starters lets start with a little bit humor to lift the spirits.

Free Online Builidng Biology Course Until April 15th

In this time of social distancing and interrupted routines, when so many of us are practically confined to our homes, we feel the best way we can make a meaningful contribution is to give you the opportunity to learn something new about your indoor environment, for free. From now until April 15th, the code stayhealthy2020 will get you one free online course of your choosing. Please read below for details:

*This offer applies to our online courses only. Seminars and IBE 101 are excluded.

FYI: The 5G: Understanding The Technology & Protection Strategies course is 50% off this month. So buy the 5G course and get another one of the courses free with the "stayhealthy2020" coupon.

Important Safe Tech Tips For COVID-19
From Cece Doucette & Massachusetts For Safe Technology:

We are grateful for today's technology that allows us to conduct work and school from home, monitor the news and stay connected with friends and loved ones.

As we do so, let's see if we can form long-lasting healthy habits around our technology use, and model good behavior for the children in our lives.

Two healthy technology habits to strive for are:

  • Safety

  • Balance

Download Cece's common sense choices and tools to help us get there.
Why C.K. Lewis Hates Cellphones
Got some free time? Check out these amazing EMF Resources!
  • Dr. Mercola's new book EMF*D. I just finished reading this book. It is a great book for those getting up to speed on EMFs. Available on Amazon, Audible, and for e-readers.

  • 80% of kids with autism show measurable improvements after implementing these 3 simple steps that you can start doing tonight. The steps are so simple to implement I believe this can help many people not just those on the autistic spectrum. Just make sure your smoke detectors, co detectors, furnace, fridges, etc are working when you turn the breakers off to the bedrooms.


Free EMF Q&A Video Session: March 26th, 2020 @ 1 pm to 1:45 pm

We will be running these sessions weekly as long as there is interest and will be recorded for those who can not attend.

1:00 to 1:20: 4 Different Types of EMFs Found In The Home
1:20 to 1:45: Q & A - Get all your EMF Questions Answered

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